Homework DUE Wed. 11/29 (C/E) or Thurs. 11/30 (A/D/B)

QUARTER TRANSLATION (this is the one worth a test in the homework category!)

textbook p. 13 line 4 (starting where we left off with “In Italia sunt multi servi”) through line 7 end (in horto currunt).

Remember that you must complete this on a separate sheet of paper, double spaced, beautiful English translation only. Do not copy down the Latin! Do not include sections we already translated! Your textbook and notes are approved resources; the internet and other people (other than Mrs. Carro) are not. Make sure you turn it in on time!


Homework DUE Tues. 11/18 (C/E) or Wed. 11/19 (A/D/B)

Complete ex. 2b and ex. 2c from pg. 14-15 of the textbook. You may do these in your spiral. Use the observations we made in class and recorded in our notes!

No homework due Mon/Tues 11/27&28! R&R Weekend! Enjoy the holiday with your families!

Homework THROUGH Fri. 11/17 or Mon. 11/20 (A/D/B)*** UPCOMING TEST!

Memorize your dictionary entry forms for chapter two vocabulary! DEF test Fri. 11/17 (C/E) or Mon. 11/20 (A/D/B)

For Wed/Thurs, spend your fifteen minutes copying the dictionary entry forms from the vocab list five times each, paying close attention to spelling  and accuracy of each part! Don’t try to chant yet since we haven’t invented them and you run the risk of memorizing incorrect pronunciation if you invent your own.

For Fri/Mon, practice the chants we develop in class and quiz yourself using the practice tests! Be meticulous and hold yourself to the standard of perfection, remembering that any small error makes the entire entry incorrect! With only seven entries, it is imperative that you miss no more than two in order to pass! (7/7=A, 6/7=B,5/7=C-, 4/7=F!!!)


Homework/Study Materials for the LV/SC Test Mon. 11/13 (C/E) or Tues. 11/14 (A/D/B)

Complete the Practice Test: LV/SC practice test

Check your accuracy with the key: Practice Test Key

Make sure you know all your cumulative vocabulary and its corresponding parts of speech so that you can run the checklist correctly!


Homework DUE Wed. 11/08 (C/E) or Thurs. 11/09 (A/D/B)

Complete the linking verb/subject complement worksheet (LV/SC Worksheet) carefully, using the checklist we wrote in our notes in class. Don’t forget that there are three sentences on the back! Be sure to translate each sentence first so that you have an easier time running the checklist, and pay close attention to “crocodiles”! If your sentence has more than one clause, you’ll need to run the checklist once for each clause!


Ch. 2 Vocab Quiz Mon. 11/06 (C/E) or Tues. 11/07 (A/D/B)!

Be prepared! That is your only homework over the weekend! Remember, the quiz is on all the ch. 2 vocab that is *not* dictionary entry form (i.e. the entries that are *not* highlighted on your vocab list!)


Homework DUE Thurs. 11/02 (C/E) or Fri. 11/03 (A/D/B)

Complete activity 2i from page 10 of the workbook. You may do this right in the workbook, but pay close attention to accuracy as always (“homework quiz” likely!).

Advance Notice: ch. 2 vocab quiz (all ch. 2 words *except* dictionary entry forms (highlighted on vocab list)) is scheduled for Monday 11/06 (C/E) or Tuesday 11/07 (A/D/B). Continue studying a little bit each day between now and then for greatest success!


Homework Due Tues. 10/31 (C/E) or Wed. 11/01 (A/D/B)

Complete activity 2h from page 9 of the workbook. Also study your notes on the rule of subject-verb agreement and be ready to take a short quiz over that topic. You will be expected to make main verb or subject selections as activity 2h instructs and to be able to translate your selection correctly. You will also need to be able to state the official rule of subject-verb agreement *we put a star next to it in the notes*, explain how the rule works, and identify the number of a given Latin noun or verb (remember what your options for number are–not one and two!)


Homework “DUE” Friday, 27 Oct. (C/E) or Monday, 30 Oct. (A/D/B)

Spend your homework time studying all the chapter two vocabulary (for which we have made flashcards–in some classes we have not gotten the last few made, so don’t worry about those if that’s the case) that is NOT dictionary entry form (remember, we highlighted the dictionary entry forms on the vocabulary list–there are seven). Your vocabulary quiz is NOT Fri/Mon, but it’s always necessary to get started studying early (especially focusing on spelling the Latin) if you want to be successful on vocab quizzes!


Homework DUE Wed. 10/25 (C/E) or Thurs. 10/26 (A/D/B)

Complete exercise 2d (translate from English to Latin) from page 9 of the textbook on loose leaf to turn in. Remember to use your notes and vocabulary to achieve high levels of accuracy, being careful to select the verb ending that will make your main verb agree with its subject! Also remember NOT to put a separate word for helping verbs!