Homework DUE Thurs. 02/01 (A/D/B) or Fri. 02/02 (C/E)

Complete textbook ex. 4d on the back of the spiral page on which we did 4c together in class. Make sure you have no other notes on this page so that I can collect it from you! 5B: Do NOT assume that just because you did part of this in class on Friday that you did it CORRECTLY. This will be graded for ACCURACY, so check your work and revise accordingly!

Heads Up! You will likely have a pop quiz next class on translating Latin sentences with direct objects!!


Homework DUE Wed. 01/24 (A/D/B) or Thurs. 01/25 (C/E)

WORKBOOK p. 19 act. 4c and 4d. Use the notes we took on Mon/Tues and don’t forget to bring home your textbook so that you can do act. 4c!

Ch. 4 non-DEF vocab quiz Tuesday, 01/30 (A/D/B) or Wednesday, 01/31 (C/E)!

Homework DUE Tues. 12/05 (C/E) or Wed. 12/06 (A/D/B)

Make flashcards for the non-DEF ch. 3 vocabulary (i.e., for all the vocabulary that is NOT highlighted on your vocab list!). Be very careful about spelling in the Latin and thorough definitions (especially paying attention to translating verb endings) in the English. ch. 3 vocab list (2)


Homework/Study Materials for the LV/SC Test Mon. 11/13 (C/E) or Tues. 11/14 (A/D/B)

Complete the Practice Test: LV/SC practice test

Check your accuracy with the key: Practice Test Key

Make sure you know all your cumulative vocabulary and its corresponding parts of speech so that you can run the checklist correctly!


Homework DUE Mon. (A/C/E) or Tues. (D/B)

On a loose sheet of paper, complete exercise 2b from page 9 of the textbook. Be sure to follow the instructions in their entirety: Select the correct form from the two options to the right and then translate the sentence.


Homework DUE Friday 09/01 (A/C/E) or Tuesday 09/05 (D/B)

Complete the “Panic Palliating” worksheet. (Panic Palliating worksheet) If you followed instructions in class, it will be clipped into your red Latin folder, and it is located on the back side of the paper. On the front are some emergency notes in case you forget to bring home your notes.

If you are in B/D, do the worksheet tonight to preserve your R&R weekend! You will have no homework assigned on Tuesday.