Homework DUE Thurs. 2/15 (A/D/B) or Fri. 2/16 (C/E)

Using the Latin to English dictionary in the back of your textbook, fill in the translations for the dictionary entry forms on your ch. 4 vocab list; then make flashcards. Be very, very careful about copying the DEFs correctly onto your flashcards!

Advance Notice: The ch. 4 dictionary entry forms test is scheduled for Thurs., 22 Feb. (A/D/B) and Fri., 23 Feb. (C/E). Here’s the test in two versions–get started practicing as early as possible to ensure perfect spelling! This is your easy 100% test! ch. 4 DEF test


Homework DUE Fri. 02/09 (A/D/B) or Mon. 02/12 (C/E)

Work sentence by sentence through workbook activity 4j (p. 23), but instead of writing down the translation or following the other instructions for the activity, make a 3-column list in your spiral: transitive verbs, intransitive verbs, linking verbs. Work sentence by sentence, writing down each verb in the correct column as you go. This should leave you with three small, ordered lists of verbs.

I still need to check the test calendar to confirm exact dates, but expect the ch. 4 grammar test mid-late next week!

Homework DUE Mon. 02/05 (A/D/B) or Tues. 02/06 (C/E)

Complete activity 4g from p. 20 of the workbook and finish activity 4h from p. 21 of the workbook. Doing these activities well will require you to use notes (particularly in 4g with terms like transitive verb) and will make you well prepared for the next “pop” quiz!


Homework DUE Thurs. 02/01 (A/D/B) or Fri. 02/02 (C/E)

Complete textbook ex. 4d on the back of the spiral page on which we did 4c together in class. Make sure you have no other notes on this page so that I can collect it from you! 5B: Do NOT assume that just because you did part of this in class on Friday that you did it CORRECTLY. This will be graded for ACCURACY, so check your work and revise accordingly!

Heads Up! You will likely have a pop quiz next class on translating Latin sentences with direct objects!!


Homework DUE Wed. 01/24 (A/D/B) or Thurs. 01/25 (C/E)

WORKBOOK p. 19 act. 4c and 4d. Use the notes we took on Mon/Tues and don’t forget to bring home your textbook so that you can do act. 4c!

Ch. 4 non-DEF vocab quiz Tuesday, 01/30 (A/D/B) or Wednesday, 01/31 (C/E)!


Homework DUE Thurs. 01/18 (A/D/B) or Fri. 01/19 (C/E)

Make flashcards for all the non-dictionary-entry forms (non-highlighted!) from your chapter four vocab list! Ch 4 VL (1)


Homework DUE Wed. 12/13 (C/E) or Thurs. 12/14 (A/D/B)

Be reading for your quiz on changing number in sentences: Extra Practice for Number Changing QuizTest plus KEY (This will not be collected for HW credit, but you should be certain you can complete it all correctly in order to be ready for the quiz!)


Homework (two classes’ worth) DUE Mon. 12/11 (C/E) or Tues. 12/12 (A/D/B)

Be prepared for the ch. 3 non-DEF vocab quiz (everything NOT highlighted on your vocab list). C/E quiz is Mon. 12/11; A/D/B quiz is Tues. 12/12!

You should also correct your quarter translation to earn 100%! These need to be turned in by your next-to-last Latin class on either Fri. 12/15 (C/E) or Mon. 12/18 (A/D/B).


Homework DUE Tues. 12/05 (C/E) or Wed. 12/06 (A/D/B)

Make flashcards for the non-DEF ch. 3 vocabulary (i.e., for all the vocabulary that is NOT highlighted on your vocab list!). Be very careful about spelling in the Latin and thorough definitions (especially paying attention to translating verb endings) in the English. ch. 3 vocab list (2)


Homework DUE Fri. 12/01 (C/E) or Mon. 12/04 (A/D/B)

Prepare for a quiz over the new noun and adjective endings! You need to be able to fill in the charts (remember, we divided the original single chart into two declension charts) and change the number of nouns and adjectives as we practiced in exercises 3b and 3c from the textbook. These should be easy points! Scoop them up!