Homework THROUGH Fri. 11/17 or Mon. 11/20 (A/D/B)*** UPCOMING TEST!

Memorize your dictionary entry forms for chapter two vocabulary! DEF test Fri. 11/17 (C/E) or Mon. 11/20 (A/D/B)

For Wed/Thurs, spend your fifteen minutes copying the dictionary entry forms from the vocab list five times each, paying close attention to spelling  and accuracy of each part! Don’t try to chant yet since we haven’t invented them and you run the risk of memorizing incorrect pronunciation if you invent your own.

For Fri/Mon, practice the chants we develop in class and quiz yourself using the practice tests! Be meticulous and hold yourself to the standard of perfection, remembering that any small error makes the entire entry incorrect! With only seven entries, it is imperative that you miss no more than two in order to pass! (7/7=A, 6/7=B,5/7=C-, 4/7=F!!!)


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