Homework DUE Wed. 08/16 (A/C/E) or Thurs. 08/17 (D/B)

1. Using the vocabulary list in your red folder (on which I have typed out the Latin column), carefully and meticulously double-check your flashcards to ensure that you wrote down the complete entry for both Latin and English (even if parts of the Latin entry don’t make sense yet) and that your spelling is perfect. If you skip this step or rush through it, you put yourself in a position to study incorrect information.

2. Then, for another fifteen minutes or so, START STUDYING THEM!! Begin quizzing yourself with the flashcards, starting by looking at the Latin and seeing if you can remember the English. Keep track of the ones you miss regularly and focus on practicing those. Once you can give the exact English definition for each Latin word, start quizzing yourself by looking at the English side and trying to remember the Latin! This is much more difficult, but must be mastered if you want to be prepared for vocabulary quizzes and tests! Start by trying to say the Latin entry; once you have mastered that, begin writing the Latin entry and closely checking your attempt for spelling and completion.

NB: I’ll announce vocabulary quizzes only one class before I give them, so DO NOT WAIT until I announce the quiz date to begin studying! You will not have enough time to do it well!

Homework DUE Mon. 08/14 (A.C.E) or Tues. 08/15 (D/B)

Make flashcards (use the spiral-bound ones for Latin!) for all the chapter one vocabulary that we filled into the list during class (if you followed instructions, this should be clipped into your red Latin folder). Be very careful to spell the Latin perfectly as it is typed on the page, and remember to only put one word on each flashcard (Latin on one side, English on the other).